Cover It Live

Alex, Erin, Hagen, and Rachel had a CoverItLive conversation last night about the Duchess’ morals in chapter 9 of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

You can find this conversation at the link below.

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Internet Highlighter

Last night, December 1st, I commented on a blog post written by Darcy: Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They? I commented on her blog using a new device introduced to me by this project. I used a web tool called Diigo.

Diigo is a very nifty tool. It is a highlighter for the Internet. You can highlight sentences and make them change color and then you are capable of leaving a post it on the highlighted phrase or sentence. Other people can also respond to your comment if they too have Diigo.

It seemed appropriate at the time to use Diigo, because one sentence really stuck out to me. So I was able to post my thoughts directly to the sentence that tickled my fancy. Darcy talked about whether or not Carroll was creative or not. I said that one can only have so much creativity.

You can see the rest of the comment by making your own Diigo account. Directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Watch the tutorial video if you would like.
  4. Go to this link: Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They
  5. Feel free to comment back.


I will also leave a written comment at the end of the Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They post for those who are too busy to make a Diigo.

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Defying Gravity

As the final deadline for the Alice Project draws closer I have been thinking about what I have learned and how this project has changed me. I could say the typical “I have learned and grown so much through this experience” just to get my credit for this blog entry, but I think I know someone who can say what I’m trying to say much better than I could. Her name is Elphaba.

Something has changed within me

Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap

Elphaba sings this in the amazing song, Defying Gravity from the amazing musical Wicked (written and composed by Stephen Schwartz). I feel this is applicable to my current situation with the Alice project. I feel empowered by the fact that others from around the world actually care what I have to say. This has changed me. I have written work that I am proud to call my own and I can never go back to slopping through a project just to get it done. Also, my entire view of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has changed. I can no longer just see it as a children’s story whether I like it or not. I can never un-think the conclusions I have come to. I can never return to the childlike view I had of the story before this project.

The freedom was another fantastic thing about this project.

We were given no rules about what to write about. Our minds were set free to see what we could come up with on our own. I have confidence that my work is good and I can trust my instincts to guide me in the right direction. I also was able to take more chances with this assignment. I hate being put inside a box and told what I can and can’t do, so this project was great on that aspect. This experience has made me grow up on some level as well. There were no due dates other than the final turn in day (Dec. 3) and no one making us work. The responsibility was solely in each participant’s hands.

Another part that I liked was the use of technology.

I have been technologically-challenged for as long as I can remember. I repel any and all technology, therefore using these advanced web tools was new, exciting, and challenging (and I love a challenge). Although I did not ever figure out how to make a Prezi presentation, I did get to use other collaboration tools such as CoverItLve, Diigo, and VoiceThread through the use of these by my fellow classmates and myself. I found it interesting how many web collaboration tools were available for our use and how many of them were used.

Overall I think this was a great experience that I can never return from. I liked the collaboration, use of technology, and experience that I gained from this project, even though I did not enjoy analyzing Alice.

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Childish Shows and Habits

This blog post will be a continuation of another one of my blogs, that I actually had no intention on continuing. Due to a very interesting, exciting, and critical comment thread, I would like to continue that blog. You may be confused by this blog unless you read the first blog and all of the comments: Childish Minds, Lewis Carroll’s childish mind to be exact.

Today I had an incident about “Childish Minds.” I woke up this morning extra early to fumble around with AP European History. Upon finishing I went to eat breakfast. I started flipping through the channels and came upon an old show. I watched Arthur. Now I won’t say that is embarrassing, because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I was reminded of my young age when I watched it. I did not think about “Childish Minds” until the end of school today.

I was in chemistry class doing my binary ionic compounds worksheet, when I blurted out I watched Arthur this morning. Now I do not remember what prompted me to say it, I believe it was something about her saying her husband was childish. As soon as I said it my teacher looked at me with a confused face. “The children’s show?” she asked. I  said, “Yes.” I proceeded to tell her about my blog post: Childish Minds. I gave her the link to read the blog. Hopefully she will read it.

It is so interesting her first words about the show, was that it was a children’s show. She is an adult and she automatically assumes that it is a children’s book. Responding to Hadass Eviator who said that adults can read children’s book because they are firmly established as adults. Then why is an adult puzzled by me watching a children’s show? An example of her truth being told would be Lewis Carroll himself. He is an adult so he can feel comfortable with writing a children’s book. A teenager would not write a book about such “childish” things.

The same pure pressure happened when I was a kid. I used to drink out of what I dubbed a “juice bottle.” It was the only thing I would drink out of, but my parents would always want me to drink from a regular cup. It was as if they did not want me being too childish. What is wrong with being a little bit childish about a few things?

This brings me to an infamous phrase by Mr. Long,

“Children’s books are written for adults.”

He said that a children’s book has to appeal to the adults to keep them reading and amused. An adult would only watch Sesame Street if it had bits that appealed to them. Was Arthur an exception?

To the chemistry teacher, thank you, you are an amazing teacher, and I do not blame you for telling me I watched a children’s show. 🙂 You may just have helped me pass this project.

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It’s Time to Wake Up

Well (sigh), 5 weeks has come by fast. I have read a book that I have never read before. It surprised, intrigued, and confused me. I know the truth behind Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I mean I now know why he wrote the quirky story. The book was meant for a special someone, Alice Lidell. I have done my best to talk about why Carroll wrote this book. Is Wonderland heaven or a haven?

I am fortunate to have read The Annotated Alice because it explained all of the little poems and funky phrases. I have now written my own annotations via a web blog. A first for most of us in my grade. It was a great experience. I can’t wait to see a professionals opinion of our blog.

For the past 5 weeks we have had to fall asleep to enjoy this quirky story because it is almost impossible to enjoy without losing all sense of reality. It is time to wake up from our adventure with Alice.

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Our Farewell to Alice Is Only the Beginning

My overall experience of doing this project helped me dig below the surface.

When I first began to read Alice, I was never sure if I was ever going to be able to come up with enough ideas for the blog. Alice seemed unimportant to me. As we got further along in the project I beagn to realize what we make of Alice comes from our own interpretations. There is such a wide variety of opinion on the story throughout the different projects. As you read what other people have posted of the story you begin to see patterns develop. Often I saw many of the same ideas with different variations. That is what is so awesome about Alice. We can all discover new things without having to follow someones original interpretation.

I think this experience was valuable to me and my fellow classmates.

By reading Alice I believe we were all able to become more open-minded. Not only to the story but the world around us.

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about Alice making us young again. I will stick to that for the rest of my life. Alice did make me feel young again. Over this entire proccess I have become more creative and have learned to approach things from different angles. Instead of just looking at something from my own view I have started taking in consideration all kinds of views. Sometimes to find things deep within something you have to go outside your own box.

This project was definitely a foundation for the rest of my life. As we come to a close on this project I do not see it as the end, but as the starting point for much more to come. Alice has prepared  me for my adventures I will take down the rabbit hole.

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Central Park

As I was doing some research on New York to prepare myself to venture to NY during winter break from school I came across an Alice reference I wasn’t planning on finding (They are everywhere!). In Central Park there is a statue depicting characters from Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The statue stands at eleven feet tall at 74th street. It depicts Alice on the mushroom with The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, The White Rabbit, Alice’s Cat Dinah, and the Dormouse. It was commissioned by George Delacorte for his wife who loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. José de Creeft was the artist who made this tremendous sculpture.

I found it interesting that this story is so popular that it is in some of the most popular places in the world, like Central Park in NY. I never think about the things I read being so important and influential in society.  It is amazing to me when stories can come to life right off the pages of a book through the use of their concepts in the world. Everything seems to eventually tie back into real life. After all, fantasy couldn’t exist without reality. Reality couldn’t exist without fantasy.

Picture and information courtesy of

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Never the Same

I have always found the caterpillar to be a very intriguing character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. His presence in a children’s book astounds me. His adult subject matter and odd questions have always perplexed me. He smokes hookah and asks a question that seems easy to answer to young children, but is in fact quite difficult for us to answer. How is it that the most basic thing in Wonderland, a caterpillar, can ask the one question that can be answered by no one- “Who are you?”

Therefore I have done a Voice Thread comparing the images of Tenniel’s drawing of the caterpillar, Walt Disney’s version, and the caterpillar of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (hitting theaters March 2010).  My personal favourite is the Disney version. I think it is fun and playful, which always draws my attention. While all three versions have a few similarities, the differences are what excite me. How is it that everyone seems to have a different vision of the caterpillar? Caterpillars are a fairly basic being. We see them everywhere, yet we can all have a completely different perception of the caterpillar in Wonderland. Should it look like a normal caterpillar, like in Tenniel’s? Or should it be pink and purple, like Disney’s? Or perhaps blue and old such as Burton’s? The possibilities are endless and no two people are going to think it looks the same.

You can view the Voice Thread at the link below

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Tim Burton: My Hero

As many of you may know in March 2010 a new version of the Lewis Carroll’s story will be released in theaters.

Tim Burton has directed this film and I applaud him. How can you go wrong with an all-star cast like this one? The film includes such actors as Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Crispin Glover, Anne Hathaway, Christopher Lee, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen, and Alan Rickman.

In this version, Alice Kingsley is a 19 year old girl who is unhappy with her socially privileged life. She stumbles back down the rabbit hole but does not remember ever being there before. The White Rabbit informs Alice that her mission is to overthrow the Queen. We follow Alice through her various endeavors in Wonderland. This movie will obviously have Tim Burton’s dark spin on it. Burton, know for such movies as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street has taken the original and loved story of Alice and turned it into his idea of a Wonderland. I am interested to see how Burton changes this timeless classic into one of his twisted masterpieces.

One question that has plagued my mind is what will this movie be rated?

As far as I know the rating has not yet been released. I cannot make myself believe that Burton would be ignorant enough to make this film any higher than PG. Being PG-13 or above would limit his audience drastically. Yet, at the same time I had also hoped that it would be made PG-13 so that it could be a little more dark and twisted.

No matter what happens in this film I think I can say that it will be like nothing we have ever seen before. Tim Burton is, put simply, a genius.

All information from

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The Process

As one of my final blogs, I thought I would devote it to the whole assignment.

This assignment really helped to better understand the adult part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Without my friends help, I could not have understood the book as well as I did. This process was very helpful for me, and I hope it will extend out to others to help them. Since this blog is public, I may be helping another student in another school with their assignment on this story. I think that that is what is so meaningful about this project. Our blog has so much information withheld in it, that anyone can better understand the book because of us. I know this. Our diligence and hard work helps not only the people we see almost every day, but other students across the globe. The whole entire world; that is a huge deal.

Alice does not grow form her experience, but I know that I have because of her journey. I learned how to better use technology to help out my students and other students out in the world. I grew to easier identify symbolism that is apparent throughout the plot of most books. This will help me out for later books and through me, will help out my other students, peers, and friends. The process was a little daunting at first, but now I feel much better about it, and am ready to ‘tackle ‘ the next book.

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