Thoughts After Reading Alice

Even as a young child I was acquainted with the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I had seen the Disney motion picture of Alice in Wonderland and heard about in various situations. The story meant little to me then. I was unaware of the meaning behind the story. I was unfamiliar with the author, Lewis Carroll. For a long time the story had just been another imaginary fairytale written for little kids to enjoy and have fun with.

Now that I have read the Annotated Alice I have become more familiar with the story and its background. I have learned that Alice is more than a simple made up story for all children. It is a story that came from Carroll’s heart to please the love of his life. He wrote it with gratification for the pleasure Alice Liddell. The story itself shows the expression of love that Carroll had for Alice. In the story there are also hidden messages to discover that young children cannot find.

The meanings behind Carroll’s work are for each individual to discover on his/her own. What I have learned from this story is that we must make of life what we can, because at times life can seem overwhelming. I would recommend anyone to read the more detailed story of Alice as an adult. Looking at Alice at a different point of view will change how you feel about the story.  The things you find in Alice will be what you want to find. Alice went on an adventure down a rabbit hole to discover who she was.

If you reread Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland it will take you down a rabbit hole. Often when we go down rabbit holes we identify what we were looking for.

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