Our Farewell to Alice Is Only the Beginning

My overall experience of doing this project helped me dig below the surface.

When I first began to read Alice, I was never sure if I was ever going to be able to come up with enough ideas for the blog. Alice seemed unimportant to me. As we got further along in the project I beagn to realize what we make of Alice comes from our own interpretations. There is such a wide variety of opinion on the story throughout the different projects. As you read what other people have posted of the story you begin to see patterns develop. Often I saw many of the same ideas with different variations. That is what is so awesome about Alice. We can all discover new things without having to follow someones original interpretation.

I think this experience was valuable to me and my fellow classmates.

By reading Alice I believe we were all able to become more open-minded. Not only to the story but the world around us.

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about Alice making us young again. I will stick to that for the rest of my life. Alice did make me feel young again. Over this entire proccess I have become more creative and have learned to approach things from different angles. Instead of just looking at something from my own view I have started taking in consideration all kinds of views. Sometimes to find things deep within something you have to go outside your own box.

This project was definitely a foundation for the rest of my life. As we come to a close on this project I do not see it as the end, but as the starting point for much more to come. Alice has prepared  me for my adventures I will take down the rabbit hole.

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