Internet Highlighter

Last night, December 1st, I commented on a blog post written by Darcy: Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They? I commented on her blog using a new device introduced to me by this project. I used a web tool called Diigo.

Diigo is a very nifty tool. It is a highlighter for the Internet. You can highlight sentences and make them change color and then you are capable of leaving a post it on the highlighted phrase or sentence. Other people can also respond to your comment if they too have Diigo.

It seemed appropriate at the time to use Diigo, because one sentence really stuck out to me. So I was able to post my thoughts directly to the sentence that tickled my fancy. Darcy talked about whether or not Carroll was creative or not. I said that one can only have so much creativity.

You can see the rest of the comment by making your own Diigo account. Directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Watch the tutorial video if you would like.
  4. Go to this link: Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They
  5. Feel free to comment back.


I will also leave a written comment at the end of the Even Authors Get Lazy… Or Do They post for those who are too busy to make a Diigo.

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