How Alice Transforms Us

As my last blog, I would like to identify what this odd, short book means in the long term for me. This may also affect my classmates, but I do not want to vouch for them because the book will have different effects on all of us.

This book has put in perspective for me the value of reading a children’s book. Just like my colleague, Alex Chan wrote, “What constitutes as a children’s book?” What does indeed. Is it the low-level words and the pretty pictures alongside the text? Well why shouldn’t adult like to read that material, we all did at one point in our lives. These books, if reread, may open up doors we previously did not know about. When we first heard the story, we ‘saw’ it for what it was, nothing more or nothing less. Now that we hopefully have grown smarter, we can better understand those books. We can possibly discover little remarks to adults. That is what this book has done for me; it has opened up a new door. There may be ‘little’ books out there for kids that hold a deeper meaning for the adults that will read them to the children.

This book will help me later on when I read higher-level books too. Not only do I understand symbolism easier, but I can find it easier too. I hope this is the same for my fellow classmates.

What Alice has done through her simple journey has hopefully changed us all to become better readers and analysts. Alice bumps in to all sorts of little creatures, but they have more meaning to adults than they do to kids. We see them as larger concepts than just a loud, outspoken man with a huge hat on, or a caterpillar that makes funny shapes with his smoke. This is why Alice is such a valuable resource, it opens our eyes for the literature ahead.

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  1. One of my indicators of a good children’s book – or movie, cartoon, etc. – is that it has something for every age. I still love watching the cartoons I watched as a child, because the really good ones were funny enough for kids yet held some humor and “inside jokes” for adults as well.

    Do you think that Carroll wrote this specifically with children in mind? Or was it a book for all ages, where younger children would find the story and characters fascinating, and adults could enjoy the symbolism and realization of stages of life and maturity?

  2. Hagen,

    Ok. I have a question for you… based on Erin’s post above. If indeed the adult world and the child world are separate (as we see, according to Erin because “Wonderland is like the Adult world she lives in and at first is incomprehensible” until she matures)… are there in fact any true children books unless they’re written by a child? Can adults make that transfer to the “children” world that children can not make to the “adult” world? Or are the adults as befuddled as Alice and no matter how hard they try, their books relate better to adults than children, because they are in fact trapped being adults?

  3. I completely know what you mean, Alice has taught us lessons we’ll keep forever. My group and I did a CoverItLive over the end of the project. We’ve come to the conclusion that everything may have some sort of symbolism. Everything comes from somewhere, it may be a bit broad, but I don’t think authors just place the symbolism in there on purpose, not all of it at least.

    And I, too think that this project will help us in the long term. Reading higher level books even, this project has really taught us to be opinionated because it is your own opinion, you can’t be wrong.

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