Growing Up in Wonderland

I know that Carroll felt strongly about Alice growing up. I figured that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland must have some correspondence with that fact. When Alice travels through Wonderland there are a lot of things that do not make sense to her at first, but over the course of her time there she begins to understand. This is her transition to becoming more of an adult. Wonderland is like the Adult world she lives in and at first is incomprehensible. To be able to cope in this world Alice has to start thinking as an adult would. Carroll was very fond of the way that children handled the world and approached different situations. In his story he wanted to show his readers the way a child looks at the adult world.

In Wonderland Alice is involved in many events where she has to handle the situation on her own. She goes to a mad tea party, meets a Duchess who has a moral for everything, and she witnesses unjust trials. One thing Alice learned from her experience is how to stand up to those with more authority, yet keep her place. She had to be strong against a queen that was ready to take her head. She now comprehends the things going on in Wonderland. She is growing up. This growing up is represented be her constant change in size. The changes also account for how Carroll feels about her growing older.

Throughout her journey in Wonderland, Alice finally begins to cope with the crazy rules that often don’t make sense. She begins managing the situations in a more adult like fashion. She stands up to the queen and begins to take control. Little by little she begins to lose her imagination of a child and sees things for what they really are. She realizes that the creatures of Wonderland are nothing but playing cards. Now she has matured to the point where Wonderland no longer welcomes her and she wakes up. Now she is in the real world that we live in, looking at it from a more realistic view.

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  1. I agree with Bob- I wonder where you could take this post with a little more information. What do you think Carroll feels? How does he think a child views the world? When Alice wakes up, how does she view the world more realistically?

  2. “The changes also account for how Carroll feels about her growing older.”

    Can you expand upon this? How does Carroll feel about it? Is it just or unjust?

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