Childish Shows and Habits

This blog post will be a continuation of another one of my blogs, that I actually had no intention on continuing. Due to a very interesting, exciting, and critical comment thread, I would like to continue that blog. You may be confused by this blog unless you read the first blog and all of the comments: Childish Minds, Lewis Carroll’s childish mind to be exact.

Today I had an incident about “Childish Minds.” I woke up this morning extra early to fumble around with AP European History. Upon finishing I went to eat breakfast. I started flipping through the channels and came upon an old show. I watched Arthur. Now I won’t say that is embarrassing, because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I was reminded of my young age when I watched it. I did not think about “Childish Minds” until the end of school today.

I was in chemistry class doing my binary ionic compounds worksheet, when I blurted out I watched Arthur this morning. Now I do not remember what prompted me to say it, I believe it was something about her saying her husband was childish. As soon as I said it my teacher looked at me with a confused face. “The children’s show?” she asked. I  said, “Yes.” I proceeded to tell her about my blog post: Childish Minds. I gave her the link to read the blog. Hopefully she will read it.

It is so interesting her first words about the show, was that it was a children’s show. She is an adult and she automatically assumes that it is a children’s book. Responding to Hadass Eviator who said that adults can read children’s book because they are firmly established as adults. Then why is an adult puzzled by me watching a children’s show? An example of her truth being told would be Lewis Carroll himself. He is an adult so he can feel comfortable with writing a children’s book. A teenager would not write a book about such “childish” things.

The same pure pressure happened when I was a kid. I used to drink out of what I dubbed a “juice bottle.” It was the only thing I would drink out of, but my parents would always want me to drink from a regular cup. It was as if they did not want me being too childish. What is wrong with being a little bit childish about a few things?

This brings me to an infamous phrase by Mr. Long,

“Children’s books are written for adults.”

He said that a children’s book has to appeal to the adults to keep them reading and amused. An adult would only watch Sesame Street if it had bits that appealed to them. Was Arthur an exception?

To the chemistry teacher, thank you, you are an amazing teacher, and I do not blame you for telling me I watched a children’s show. 🙂 You may just have helped me pass this project.

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  1. Alex,

    I love this post. You ask such great questions and I love how you tie this to your own experience.

    Your post makes me think about how “Childhood” itself is a recent “luxury” in the human story. In other words, during more dire stages of evolution, we didn’t have leisure time afforded to children, and certainly not to adults. One could argue that much of what runs our economy these days is “childish” liesure time *geared* towards adults (i.e., video games, movies, Facebook). When I was your age, it would have been unthinkable to see my father and his peers playing a video game for liesure time; now that is normal.

    Perhaps with the increase of liesure time, the definition of what is childish transforms.


  2. So glad you are continuing the blog Alex, the other was getting a little cluttered … I guess your chemistry teacher was surprised because it is not usual for a teenager to admit to watching Arthur. And yes, Arthur does have stuff that appeals to adults. I think that is why most adults hate Barney, they didn’t bother to do that ;-).

    Not all adults are comfortable to admitting to liking children’s books/shows, though, especially if they don’t have kids themselves which they can use as an excuse ;-).

    Hey, I like drinking from bottles, too. Makes my husband crazy ;-).

  3. Yep, I think your right, alot of times we want our children to grow upp fast, but then regret when they do!

    Life is like that, just like the grass does always seem to be greener on the other side of the fence, until we get to the other side of the fence then we realize that it was better on the other side. How crazy is all of this.

    Take care hope you get a A on the paper!


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