Alice and Lord of Flies Have Little in Common

In my previous blog I stated that Alice was a fantasy. Can we argue that the Lord of the Flies is also fantasy? After all wasn’t Lord of the Flies meant to be everything but fantasy? Golding wanted to make a strong point about society. What Golding wanted was for us to realize that what happened in Lord of the Flies could really happen. Nothing in Alice could really happen. The two stories have little in common because of their originality.

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a little girl goes on an adventure. Her adventure turned out to be a journey to self-discovery that all happened in a dream. In Lord of the Flies the young boys were not on an adventure. They were fighting for their lives by using only their primal instincts. If we look at Alice in the story she never stops to think about consequence. She simply uses logic that she was taught in her lessons even if it was not right.

Alice had nothing to do with good or evil. Lord of the Flies was based on the good and evil in human nature. Though, both in Alice and Lord of the Flies we can compare the structure of society. Comparing the Queen to Jack we can see that they are both selfish and love power. Both Carroll and Golding have set up similar societies.

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  1. Have you ever had a dream that changed the way you look at life? Maybe some of the things in “Alice” COULD happen, simply because they happen in a dream.

    I would be interested to hear more about how you think society is reflected in both Alice and Lord of the Flies. Can you expand further on similarities and differences?

  2. Erin,
    Interesting comparison! How do you think these stories compare as explorations of coming of age and loss of innocence?

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