A Cherished Fantasy

We know by now that Carroll loved Alice Liddell. He often expressed his emotions through Alice in the story. Carroll is practically in the story himself. He is a part of Alice in the story, like a subconscious character. He represents his feelings through a lot of the events that take place in the story. These feelings are not just feelings for Alice, but how he feels about the society that he lives in and what the world is becoming.  His views are hidden throughout the book waiting for anyone to discover them. Other than the messages, what other meaning is in Alice? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is purely opinion and thought.

The actual story differs greatly from other books that were meant to have greater impact. When reading Alice one has to remember not to look to deep because it was only written for little girls. In a way Alice is a true fantasy. Carroll has a fantasy that became a greater fantasy to many others. The story has reached out and touched many people. As I have said before we learn what we want to learn from Alice. Nobody is telling us what they want us to believe, but someone is telling us what we want to believe. Carroll loved Alice, now Alice is greatly beloved by many people. Carroll’s fantasy has been made into many fantasies.

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