Wonderland a Heaven?

Is Wonderland a heaven?

I can’t help but wonder, but I realize it is probably not. Let us think of Alice Lidell as a dying girl. This book would be an amazing story of heaven. Carroll could have been illustrating a nice heaven that Alice would enjoy. Alice is able to do things not humanly possible, such as growing and shrinking. She meets talking animals that she interacts with and has fun with, adventures with.

On the other hand all of this may have been ONLY Alice’s heaven. This is not every one’s heaven, just hers. I’m sure some of us wouldn’t want talking rabbits and playing cards to be in their heaven. I would want my loved ones, and in a way Alice’s loved ones are in her heaven. A cat is there to guide her throughout her adventures. What would you want in your heaven/afterlife?

He includes cats, Alice’s favorite animal. The Cheshire cat is her guardian, which Rachel M. elaborately stated in her blog entry: A Game of Cat and Mouse. Carroll makes heaven sound amazingly fun. If you were dying, would you enjoy Carroll’s heaven? Its a whole new world full of adventures.

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  1. I will have to disagree with you and say it is better explained as a dream than heaven. I do not believe Alice would want all these eccentric characters in her heaven. She would talk about missing her cat Dinah and if it were heaven, surely shouldn’t she have her cat beside her? I know personally I would definitely not enjoy Wonderland and I do not know how Alice stayed sane through the crazy world of Wonderland.

    Heaven is just a tough concept for me to grasp. Do you believe there are any clues that hint to Wonderland being a heaven in the story? Nice job on this blog, it really made me think.

  2. Interesting theory… I like it! I don’t really think that this story wasn’t meant as Alice’s heaven, but only pure imagination. But one must imagine what Heaven is really like, because, let’s be frank, no one truly knows. So, I guess you could say that this is a heaven? But not for her. Throughout the story, all her morals were being questioned and flipped-flopped, which then made her go through all sorts of emotions. I highly doubt a person would want to go through that much when they reach Heaven, just saying. In all, I really think that Carroll wrote this story out of pure imagination, without the intentions of thinking its her Heaven. Like Angela pointed out,

    “Carroll knew and loved Alice to the point where he could understand her imagination. He made her imagination into a dream that he thought she would enjoy having.

    And to answer your other question: In my Heaven, I would like my entire family to be there and all my friends (once they passed on). But most importantly, I need God and Jesus there, for pretty much everything. And i would like heaven to be like Carroll’s story. It was interesting and unique.

  3. Well, I never looked at Wonderland as Alice’s heaven. I really just looked at it as a dream until I read this. Maybe this is what Alice wanted her world to be when she was a kid… who knows? Also, I would like to be in Alice’s “heaven”. Although I did not like all parts of it, Wonderland seemed like a fun place to be as long as you paid attention to what you were doing. It’s also full of many, many adventures. And not just regular adventures, the adventures in Alice’s “heaven” are quirky and rapidly-changing.

  4. I do believe that this is a very interesting thought to bring up. Very creative! But, as stated from the beginning, Alice is very easy to over-examine, and this may be a bit of a stretch, in my own opinion. It’s still a very intriguing thought, though. I really do like this view of it, it’s not something I would have come up with on my own.

    It’s very possible that Wonderland is a “heaven” for her, but I’d think of it as more of a haven. Somewhere she can just escape to, because, if you think about it, it’s kind of just a temporary escape from reality. Whereas, death is more permanent [depending on your beliefs =P].

  5. Honestly, I believe that this is not a heaven but her imagination. Of course, it is not Alice’s personal imagination, but Carroll knew and loved Alice to the point where he could understand her imagination. He made her imagination into a dream that he thought she would enjoy having. I think in her imagination she would love all the nonsense along with her loved ones.

    To answer your question, in my heaven, I would like to have all my loved ones and people I grew up with, a life time supply of food, and talking animals. But, I know this is not possible, which it is my imagination, not my heaven.

    This whole story is Alice’s imagination that Carroll cleverly wrote down on paper and made it into a dream.

  6. I very much enjoyed the theory of Wonderland as its own Heaven. However, at the end of the story we are told of Alice and her adventures being just a dream. And couldn’t this reasoning be used for any dream? I think Dreams are our own little slice of heaven they allow us to play out our fantasies and our curiosities.

    The one thing I love about this blog is the idea of looking at Alice from different points of view. The heaven idea is one of many interpretations to a tale. Imagine if you will, that we never read the ending, that we didn’t know it was a dream. That the ending to Alice was never written, that the pages were forever lost. What would be your ending? How would you end this tale? Would she be dead and this was her personal heaven? Was she injected with drugs and this has been a hallucination? Or maybe the Queen offered Alice a job and she decided to stay in Wonderland forever.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go write a blog about this….

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