Wonderland a Haven?

Or is Wonderland a Haven?

For those of you can not see Wonderland as a heaven then maybe Wonderland is a haven. A haven may be an easier world to visualize. Now we imagine that Alice Lidell is not dying but maybe depressed. I know strange for a 10 year old, but we can put ourselves in her shoes and pretend we have been given this book when we were depressed. Would you enjoy a book that was written for you when you were depressed?

Alice is reminded of all the fun adventures you can have. Maybe her real life adventures will not be as crazy, but they will give her a reason to live. I mean if I were depressed this story would be very helpful to remind me of all that was left out in the world.

Yet like heaven, her haven is very different from any individuals. She loved cats and generally only a little girl would like to have outrageous things in her haven. Her haven is her protection from the world. This book makes Alice’s dreams come true, it makes the world nicer and more fun. Everyone has their own haven, that they return to when they are sad. What’s your haven?

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  1. I like the idea of wonderland being a haven more than it being a heaven. For a heaven, i think it is too antagonistic towards her.

    As for it being a haven against depression, I think this is a lot more probable. Especially the Cheshire cat is a very happy character, and while the other characters may be frightening, none of them are really sad.

    Only the mock turtle is crying, but even it tells a good story that may seem amusing to a young child, and its mood lightens from very sad to quite content when it finds that its school is better than Alice’s.

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