The White Rabbit

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we see the recurrence of a small, rather twitchy (as portrayed by the movie) character. This character is the White Rabbit, who always seems to be late and in a hurry. The rabbit is a constant distraction for Alice. He constantly moves the plot around by making Alice get up and move. He is white, which has some meaning to it, and he can easily be spotted by what he is wearing. He is the one responsible for luring Alice down into Wonderland. What he was doing outside of Wonderland, only Carroll knows. We later learn that the White Rabbit holds great responsibility and nobility in Wonderland. The queen seems to have him as her messenger, which only makes sense since rabbits are fast travelers. The White Rabbit holds more meaning for Alice though than just a figurehead with an attachment to the queen. He is her addiction, her boss, and her drug.

Alice first catches eye of the White Rabbit and is instantly curious about him. The addiction starts. She follows him down the hole, and along the hallway. The addiction thickens. Then she is forced to go to his house under his command. She does whatever for the addiction. i do not like using drugs as reference for anything because it is too easy to assume that. Everybody does, and somehow or another , a person can always make something related to drugs. I do really think though, that the rabbit signifies addiction for Alice. Her first encounter (when she follows him) seems like simple curiosity, but i do not know how many times i have said it. The seemingly simple story is a lot more complex. Now that is the first time i have said that exact phrase, but the idea has been pretty prevalent in my posts. Like I was saying, drugs are easy to relate, but in my opinion Alice is addicted to this rabbit. The way he is portrayed in the movie confirms my suspicions because some drugs cause you to be jittery much like the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit may be Alice’s drug, but there is always room for error on my part.

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  1. I really like your thought process here. The white rabbit is one of my faveroite characters because of his value to the story and because he is such a deep character. If it were not for the rabbit there would be no story, he keeps the story moving. I think that Carroll meant for the rabbit to have some meaning but, only he knows what it is. I think that this is because, the less we know about the rabbit the more we really try to figure him out and this allows our mind to take a jerney along with Alice.

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