The Process

As one of my final blogs, I thought I would devote it to the whole assignment.

This assignment really helped to better understand the adult part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Without my friends help, I could not have understood the book as well as I did. This process was very helpful for me, and I hope it will extend out to others to help them. Since this blog is public, I may be helping another student in another school with their assignment on this story. I think that that is what is so meaningful about this project. Our blog has so much information withheld in it, that anyone can better understand the book because of us. I know this. Our diligence and hard work helps not only the people we see almost every day, but other students across the globe. The whole entire world; that is a huge deal.

Alice does not grow form her experience, but I know that I have because of her journey. I learned how to better use technology to help out my students and other students out in the world. I grew to easier identify symbolism that is apparent throughout the plot of most books. This will help me out for later books and through me, will help out my other students, peers, and friends. The process was a little daunting at first, but now I feel much better about it, and am ready to ‘tackle ‘ the next book.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree. This assignment has been both fun and immersive. It helped us strengthen our grasp over technology and help open up the way for teaching via the internet. I feel as if I’m creating and influencing the future with this project. While I did learn more than I ever thought I would about “Alice” I also learned so much more than I ever thought I would about myself. The metaphors we learned through reading Alice will probably aid us for years to come. I am genuinely pleased at the way our projects turned out, and I hope for something just as stimulating for our next novel.

  2. I really like how you mentioned that we’re not only helping ourselves, but anyone who looks at the site. I don’t think very many of us have really grasped how huge this project really is. We’ve been so caught up in the assignment we’ve lost the bigger picture, which is really an awesome thing. It was a really good experience (if not exhausting) and it helped myself to grow as well.

    Even though I’m looking forward to the next book with a little bit of apprehension, because after this, who knows what Mr. Long will throw at us? 🙂

  3. I think that this is very well said, this project really helped me learn how to analyze a story and really look at what a character symbolizes, rather then just thinking of it as a normal character. This project as a whole will better me in everything that I do.

  4. Internet: The final frontier. We students are handed an intimidating yet intriguing task to utilize this alleged ‘internet’ and in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

    It’s great to have a Cheshire Cat for a teacher. It lets our imaginations teach us, and lets us teach our imaginations to write for themselves for once. Anything is possible here. In a way, technology is taking over our lives now. This is unfortunate, but it’s a great way to let our imaginations take over us as well.

    As students we are learning from this process in so many ways. We are learning to attract audiences with our creativity, we are learning how to transform imagination to intelligent research which we are graded on. The pressure that has been placed upon us helps us shape up and act as the rapidly changing society needs us to act. I’m grateful for this project. It’s much superior to sitting in class and saying, “Well this must mean…”

  5. First of all I really appreciate you dedicating one of your blogs to allow future students to see what you thought about The Alice Project. I’m glad you are able to realize how you have grown from this experience. Instead of saying the cliche things like, ” I learned alot about Alice.” you seem to focus on how you changed during this process. Technology was definitely a big struggle for everyone I assume. WordPress often has to do site maintenance, and I found myslef yelling at my computer in frustration. The sheer amount of effort and time put into the project can be seen through our blog, but I’m glad you included something about your personal growth as well. It allows someone to see down the rabbit hole, from which we are about to leave.

    • My first thought when reading this post was the same as Derek’s: thank you, Hagen, for not using the cliche “I learned a lot from reading this book.” I like how you explained the difficulties, as well as how you feel you will be able to help others.

      A note to Derek – kudos to you for pointing those things out to your classmate!

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