This book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was not one of my favorite books. The book was odd, repetitive, and quite frankly a little annoying. Alice never seemed to grow form her experiences that she had in Wonderland. She kept going and going, continuing her bad habits the whole way. I would think that after seeing what her constant talking and apathy for people’s feelings, that she would stop what she does. The entire book is confusing, and we are supposed to decipher the hidden meaning behind it. I find that hard to do because I, just like Alice, have apathy too when it comes down to books I dislike to read. If I do not enjoy the book, there is no way that i am going to do extra work on it and “annotate” it.

Throughout the entire book, I found my self asking, “Why are these scenes written?”

The book seemed to just have random scenes that Alice encountered on her journey through the Wonderland she fell to. I realize that these scenes have more meaning than I can discover, but it is not easy to do so. Multiple classmates of mine feel the same way. We are lost just like Alice.

One thing does intrigue me about the book, however, and that is that Alice never once commented on her family (say for her cat, Dinah). I dabbled on this subject earlier, but it still brings wonder to me.

Once I discovered it was a dream, I realized why she did not want her family. I once got conscripted into the army with my best friend in my dream. We were to fight the incoming Alien forces, and we would not live out the night. During this horrific scene, i never once said a word of my family. None of the conscripted soldiers did. We are not ourselves in our dreams, Alice even “forgets” who she is. She thinks that she has lost herself, and that reasoning is why she does not comment on her family. Although it might just be Carroll saying something about families. Maybe he did not have the best family life and he wanted a daughter (maybe it was the real-life Alice). We can not, well I, can not be sure, since no one has ever divulged this information to me.

That seems to be repetitive in my posts: confusion, lack of knowledge, and now apathy. Lack of knowledge causes confusion, and I lose care for the subject that I can not comprehend.

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