Annotations and a Question for the Author

The other day I heard a comment stating that our website is our own Annotated Alice.

I began to think about this. I thought to myself, but without The Annotated Alice half my blogs wouldn’t exist. As before I still think its very interesting how this book became so popular. So how do you think this book became so popular? What is more interesting is that professors have taken there time out to analyze the book fully. Why did professors pick a book that was written for a little girl? How was this book even discovered? Did Carroll publish for the world, or did he just give it to Alice Liddell?

I also thought it was interesting how Carroll used poems and other true facts, but played with them. He didn’t actually make up his poems, but just changed the words of existing poems. He used real life things, but made them witty. All he had to do was think of a story line, which I still have yet to understand, and then include poems and facts that he played around with.

Here’s a question:

What would you ask Carroll if he were alive?

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