As I sit here in my room trying desperately to think of any idea for a blog entry, I am listening to music. Suddenly I hear the intro to Animal by Miike Snow. The catchy beat fills my ears and I begin to sing along. It takes a while but I eventually realize what I am saying. The chorus spreads through my body and eventually ends up in my brain.

“I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still I’m still an animal”

I play it over again to make sure my sleepy mind isn’t playing tricks on me. Nope, I heard it correctly.

I instantly see the connection to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice constantly changes sizes to fit the situation and yet it is always so plainly obvious to everyone in Wonderland that she doesn’t belong there. For example Alice tries to change sizes in order to get the key and go through the door. She is also much too big in the Rabbit’s house and in the court. She changes sizes just to fit in and yet she never can. Everyone still realizes that she is a human girl. She is the “black sheep” in this situation and she always stands out no matter how many times she changes shapes, just like the song.

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  1. What other pop culture references can you relate to Alice? Do you think by studying literature that you gain a better understanding of references in things you are interested in such as this song? Learning things from the past often give clarity to things in the present, IMHO.

  2. How odd a coincidence?! I see what you are saying too; Alice just can’t fit in, no matter how hard she tries to. She is a person lost in a fantasy world, although one usually dreams of a place like this. Wait, she is dreaming though. Shouldn’t she fit in? It is her world.

  3. I like the points you made here. I think the reader does realize Alice doesn’t belong in wonderland. This is a significant point considering the reality of her situation. Is this alluding to the fact that no one truly belongs in Wonderland? When you think of the world where she does exist, does she even fit in there? I think this speaks of the relationship between humans and their psyche. Perhaps we are not meant to only exist in Wonderland, or likewise be completely internal. As functioning humans are called to belong and it seems there is no way to belong in a place that doesn’t really exist.

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