A Sequel?

Should there be another book written to continue the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? After all at the end of the story, it seems very likely that there should have been a sequel.

Excuse my ignorance, as I said before I do not know anything about Alice, there seems like there is a sequel in our copy of The Annotated Alice. Regardless I will finish this blog as if there was not a sequel. So excuse my ignorance.

I think that there are 2 ways for their to be a sequel to his quirky story. First Alice definitely needs to have another dream so she can finish her adventures.  Second her sister starts to have her own dream of adventures. Does Carroll write another story about Alice’s sister? If he did, do you think that he would have been fresh out of adventures, or would Alice’s sister go through the same adventures, and meet the same people.

For those of you who read my last blog, here is another question. I stated that Carroll uses poems and true facts, but gives them a little twist, in his story. How long would it have taken to write this story? After all he is a mathematician, not an English philosopher. I mean how did he know all of those poems? He also used objects that pertained to Alice’s real life. Why did he write this if it would take a while?

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