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Here’s an interesting comparison inspired by Caroline McCarten and her blog post: Daydream or Nightmare?.

She says that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is similar to The Wizard of Oz. I began to think, is The Wizard of Oz based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I mean we can link The Matrix and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, why can’t we link The Wizard of Oz. Alice falls down the rabbit hole, and Dorothy’s house gets sucked up in a tornado. They both have adventures in their different “Wonderlands.”

There is something I am not sure about, but maybe you could answer.

They both meet new people while in their “Wonderlands”, but later we know that the creatures in Dorothy’s adventures are her family. Are the people in Alice’s Wonderland her family? I can link the Cheshire cat and Alice’s cat Dinah, but I’m not sure about anyone else. What’s your opinion? Who else is related to Alice in her Wonderland?

Another movie would be Narnia. The kids enter a whole new world as well, except they are essentially four prophets and Azlan is Jesus. Unlike The Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland the kids are there for a reason, to save Narnia. At the end I thought that Azlan was the man that was taking care of the kids. What’s your opinion? It seems like every story has the same story line shown in a different fashion, just like Campbell said.

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  1. Many people have believed that certain characters have represented certain people in the real world. I believe this is very likely. Though I do not know who represents whom I strongly believe they do represent people Carroll was either close or distant with. In chapter 3 I believe the Caucus Race represented the Enlgish politics. If my theory is correct then I believe the animals in chapter 3 represent the politicians that dominated Carroll’s life. I doubt Carroll was very familiar with all the Enlgish politician but he still believed they were important enough to include in his story of a little girl. But the truth is no one but Carroll himself really knows who represents whom in the story.

    In your blog you mad 3 references to other movies that you believe share many similarities with other movies you have seen. I belive if you look deeper in to most movies you will be suprised to find that many more movies are simply based off of this story. I also belive that many movies are just replicas of this story with different characters and a slightly different plot summary

  2. I don’t necessarily see the connection between Alice and Narnia. The children in Narnia stumble across this magical land completely accidentally, whereas Alice had some part in her journey- she followed the rabbit. Also, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy had some sort of guiding force through Azlan and the Beavers. Alice was relying only on her own curiosity. And as you point out, the Pevensies were there to save Narnia from the reign of the White Witch. Alice knows no reason for her time spent in Wonderland. It seems to me that the only true similarity is the presence of a new and strange world with new ans strange beings. I also respectfully disagree with your idea of Alice’s family members being the characters in Wonderland. To read more please visit my entry, Parallel Personalities

  3. I see where your going with this. Not sure I can find a link with Narnia, but I definetly see a connection with The Wizard of Oz. I can see the White Rabbit, the Duchess, the Caterpillar, the Rat, mostly everyone in the book relate to Alice’s family. And isn’t Dorothy also dreaming as well? Wow I never really thought about it until now. Alex, you should go do more research on the other instances that the White Rabbit, or any other part of Alice in Wonderland is brought up and get back to me on that one.

  4. I think you propose an interesting idea; I’ve never thought about the stories possibly being related. One thing about Narnia, as you said-it is based on the Christian religion. Azlan represents Jesus, and all of the other major characters are representative of other Christian figures. However, maybe what the story represents is irrelevant. Maybe the point is that the characters in both Narnia and The Wizard of Oz are all representative of something, no matter what that may be, and so it would make sense that those of Alice are as well. They are not just random, strange characters put in the story to make a little girl laugh, but are symbolic of something or someone. And, in all of the ways you stated in your post, the stories truly are very similar, in more ways than just symbolic characters. I think this just proves Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”, and the idea that pretty much every movie is essentially the same. Characters may not represent the same people, and they may not all go to the same “Wonderland”, but, if you disregard the specifics, the exact same story is being told in all three of these stories (and there are undoubtedly more).

  5. This is a very good point to bring up. There are similarities between Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Throughout Alice’s and Dorothy’s ordeals, after both of their long adventures, they suddenly just wake up. They both realize that all of it is a dream. It seems rather odd that Carroll made his story end this way. I still bring up the constant idea that the story should have some sort of other ending, but hey, what can you do?

  6. I have never thought about the connections between those stories. The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are very similar in the fact that they both ended up in some “fairy tail land” and also it all ended up being a dream. Now Narnia is different. There was actually a purpose for them being their and it did not end up being a dream.

  7. I think that it is very interesting how you relate the family members to the stories. But in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it is a man who some what stalks Alice, who writes the story. Because he was so obsessed with her, he might not have wanted to put Alice’s family in the book. In some cases, he references the mouse as the children’s governess. Also I think that he might have used the baby who turns into a pig as her younger brother. He thinks that the younger brother will turn out to be a pig. Other than these two connections, I cant think of any other people that would relate to her family. It is hard for us to know, because the story does not mention her family, so we do not know who to relate her family to.

  8. You have made some good points, Alec. As far as your question of whether people in her dream are her family, I believe it’s a bit of family but also random things around her. When Alice wakes up from her dream and tells her sister what happened, her sister makes connections of the noises around Alice to the characters and things that occurred in Alice’s dream. So it’s possible that family, and real people of Alice’s life did not exist in her dream but it was just the sounds surrounding her that invaded her mind. Although that’s not like Dorothy’s experience it holds the same premise that her dream had a little bit of realness to it. Which leads me to agree with you concluding statement, “…every story has the same story line shown in a different fashion.” I agree, it seems now that we’ve been in Mr. Long’s class for some time our minds have been warped to see a similar pattern in every characters adventure.

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