The Combination of Two Already Great Beings

I believe that the Gryphon that takes Alice to the Mock Turtle needs some talking about. Gryphons are one of my favorite “beings” that I have ever seen (in a picture of course). Half-Eagle and Half-Lion, a combination of two already majestic animals, one of which represents America’s freedom (the eagle). Eagles represent freedom because of their ability to fly almost anywhere and be without ‘limits’. The lion represents the rebel and ferocity of animals, but also the laziness. We know that most cats lay around all day, and what is a Lion? Just a big cat, so it is easy to see that lions represent indolence too.

In chapter nine, there is a Gryphon that is called upon to take Alice to the Mock Turtle to hear the Mock Turtle’s story. The Gryphon seems to pay little mind to the queen and is some what of the rebel in regards to his loyalty. He is left alone because of what he is and his size. His loyalty is a little stretched, for he is not always bowing down to Queen and her beheading wishes. The Gryphon even comments that no one ever gets beheaded anyway; that the queen merely says this to display her power to others. Laziness is prevalent in the Gryphon and seems to only want to work off of his schedule, no one else’s. He only grudgingly agrees to to help for he is such a majestic animal, also that he is a fast mode of transportation. The transportation means more than a simple way to get around, though.

Bearing in mind what I said in the first paragraph about the symbols that the eagle and lion represent, let us look at the Gryphon. The Gryphon represents freedom with his flying just like the eagle. He can be anywhere and can take anyone anywhere (just like when he takes Alice); freedom. In addition to his freedom symbol, he also represents that child-like attention span. He is indolent and does not snap to do jobs that he dislikes. However true this may be for everyone, he seems to not care about punishment or consequences, which shows off his rebel side. He is indifferent on taking Alice to the Mock Turtle, but becomes very exited when the Mock Turtle explains his background. The Gryphon identifies himself with another, and we all know that children like to do things that older people do, while becoming interested in them.

My stepsister had a recent experience like that. I take piano and I recently moved to my dad’s house where my stepsister, Emma, resides. She immediately wanted to take piano and got very excited with it and wanted to take piano “lessens.” This true with the Gryphon too. He heard the Mock Turtle’s story and wanted to join in with the Dance and his classes that both the animals took. The Gryphon even embodies that child tendency that most other animals in Wonderland also have, but oddly enough, he does not display ferocity like a lion.

This is Alice’s Wonderland, and she may not have wanted to have a ferocious animal anyway. The Gryphon may also represent Dina because as I mentioned earlier, a lion is just a big cat. As a child, kids always want their animals to be able to speak to them and tell them what they are thinking of. The Gryphon may be that outlet that Alice would be looking for. The Gryphon could be a larger Dina, conceived only for Alice’s pleasure of being able to speak to her pet. If the Gryphon is Dina, then Alice would not want her pet to be ferocious and therefore the Gryphon is not a ferocious being like he should be. It is odd though because, form what I gathered, the Gryphon was a male. Dina is not a male, and the representation may only be species specific, not gender.

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