As we read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we can see that Alice has to slowly lose her sense of reality. Everything in Wonderland is different compared to the “real” world.

Does Carroll want us to lose our sense of reality as Alice is losing hers? Is this why we aren’t supposed to over-analyze Alice? If we over-analyze Alice then we have destroyed Carroll’s idea of a world without limits. That’s why this book is a children’s book. We as wiser people have a better sense of reality then children. They can read this book and have fun with it.

What I am confused by is the story itself. Mr. Long’s in-class essay really stumped me. What is the meaning of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? I see it only as adventures, but its almost as if its too simple. He has only given us stories with a MUCH deeper meaning then what is seen. What is the plot?

What do you think is the meaning of Alice’s adventures?

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  1. Do you think it matters at which age you read the story? If I were Alice’s age and reading/hearing the story, I would look at the events and characters very differently than I do at 40.

    Because you’re being tasked with that analysis, does that make a difference in how you view the events and characters?

    Good questions.

  2. I don’t believe that Carroll wants us to lose our sense of reality. I think he wants us to maintain ours so we can compare and contrast our world and Wonderland. I believe Alice is losing her sense of reality and what she considers ethical when she was above the rabbit whole because the world that is surrounding her is so different and she does not have a higher authority, such as a parent, to tell her what is right and what is wrong.

    I believe we are supposed to analyze the story. If we weren’t why would Carroll bother putting so many hidden meanings and characters that represent people in the real life? what would be the point of that if Carroll did not want anyone to analyze the story?

    What is the meaning of Alice’s adventure is a very hard question for me to. I found that this question has multiple answers. This could be a quest for Alice to discover herself, to mature herself or many other possibilities. Her adventures could also not even have a meaning. Or it’s meaning could be to teach the reader something.
    This question can only be correctly answered by the author himself.

  3. Well I do not think that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has one specific meaning. I think the story can mean many different things to different people. There is no “right” answer to the meaning of the story, there is no one meaning of the story that is better then all the others. To one person, it may mean nothing to them, but it may have a deeper meaning to someone else. It just all depends on your point of view and how you view the book. Do you read the story searching for a meaning or a moral? Or do you just read the story for what it is, or at least seems to be, just a children’s book?

    Maybe Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has no real meaning, but Carroll just hints and some things and lets you figure it out for yourself, find what meaning you are really looking for. But why does it have to have a meaning? Why can’t a story just be a story, no underlying themes, no symbolism, just taken for what it is intended to be, entertainment?

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