A Quote and Italics

Here’s an interesting/ironic quote. “There ought to be a book written about me, that there ought!” -Alice.

Its funny that Carroll puts this quote, because he actually did write a book about Alice. This leads me to question that maybe Carroll wrote this book because Alice asked him to. Maybe it was their little secret that she had asked him to write a book about her, and this is his little way to hint at us. What’s your opinion, do you think that Carroll wrote this book because he loved this little girl, or did he write it because she asked him to, and he agreed because he loved her?

My last question for this entry is what do you think of all the italics in this story? Is it part of the story or maybe something for the adults? Going back to Mr. Long’s comment about Carroll writing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. If Carroll really wrote the story to appeal to the adults, then maybe he left little jokes within the italics for adults that children would not understand. After all if he wrote the story purely for children then why would a child understand the meaning of italics.

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  1. Alice did ask Carroll to write her this story and he agreed because of his love towards her. I wrote a blog post titled, “Analyzing Illustration”, and while I was researching I found out that Alice asked Carroll to tell her a story while they were on a very long boat trip from Oxford to Gostow. Alice loved the story so much that she wanted him to write it down for her to read and have forever. Of course, he agreed and now it is a widely famous story and movie. I still do find that quote to be odd. Carroll could have just stuck that line in there to humor Alice. To your other question, I agree with you completely. Why would there be italics in a children’s book? I believe the reasons for the italics are to make the adults realize that they are supposed to humor them. I would of never realized this if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  2. I find this quote to be very interesting and ironic as well. I never thought anything of the quote as I read the book, but I now think this quote is funny. It is hard to say whether or not Alice asked to have a book written about her, but I would not be surprised. I think that maybe Alice had talked about having a book written about her but never thought that it would really happen. I think that Alice could have even said this quote in real life, and Carroll decided to put it in the story, to be ironic. For the next question, I believe that Carroll uses italics to appeal to the sense of humor. Because this book was written about Alice, I think that Carroll wanted to make this story humorous and interesting to kids, but at the same time make it humorous and interesting to adults, without being noticeable inappropriate.

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