“12 Trials”

Keith gave me interesting idea on one of his blog posts, A Staged Arrival to Wonderland?. He talked about Alice going through trials and being watched over.

His idea reminded me of a movie I watched not too long ago. The movie is called 12 Rounds featuring John Cena. The movie starts with John Cena taking down a long time wanted bank robber. The robber’s girlfriend is killed, and the robber swears to take the same from John Cena. Well the robber escapes from jail, and kidnaps John Cena’s wife. The robber makes John go through trials, which he called rounds, hence the name 12 Rounds. Well behind the rounds it turns out it was never for revenge, but 300 million dollars.

What I’m trying to say is that I agree with Keith but maybe there is a deeper meaning behind the trials. Maybe we’ll find out what the trials mean altogether at the end of the story.

So now my question for you is what is the true meaning behind all the “trials”? Why is this happening to her and who is doing this? How did “they” know that she would go down the rabbit hole?

I think I’m over-analyzing this story now. Maybe I’m losing the true meaning of this children’s story.

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  1. I read over your post and it interested me when you said, “WHO is doing this to her.” I really think its interesting that you believe that Alice is being put thru tasks given to her by a “higher being” of some sort. I also find it fascinating that it can relate to god because god is giving her this dream, and putting her thru these tasks but she is simply dreaming like any other little girl. It does make me also think though, why Alice, why this little girl…

  2. I am glad I could be a spark to your explosive inspiration for this blog. For the reason that I have not read the entire story, I can not think of an answer for your first question. As for your second question, what young girl or boy wouldn’t be curious and want to follow a talking-walking-clothes wearing rabbit. I am not saying that someone is for sure dragging Alice into Wonderland, but a talking rabbit would be a great lure.

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