Alice vs. The Matrix

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My first thoughts of  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are not as elaborate as most people’s thoughts. I know the story only as a rabbit with a clock that is very late. I was interested by Mr. Long’s comment that the book was not written for children, but written for adults. Everybody thinks of Alice’ s Adventures in Wonderland as a book that was written for kids. I guess I will never be able to enjoy this book simply as a children’s story, according to Chesterton, because he says that this book is not a book to be over analyzed, which is what we are doing.

I was confused by Mr. Long’s comment and Carroll’s writing. If Mr. Long is correct about his comment then why does Carroll write about things that are not possible, such as falling down a hole and being able to grab objects while falling. Do you think that this book was written for children or adults, and do you think if  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is ruined if it is over-analyzed?

Recently I began to re-watch all The Matrix movies. I’m still on the first one.

I had remembered that Mr. Long had mentioned that The Matrix is loosely based on  Adventures in Wonderland. I was surprised that even during the movie that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was actually referenced. The rabbit hole was directly referenced when Neo was asked to take the red or blue pill. It’s funny how a children’s story can be turned into such a violent movie.

For those of you that have watched The Matrix, what are some other examples of when Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is referenced, and what are some other movies that reference  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

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  1. What about at the beginning of the movie when Neo is told to follow the rabbit referring to the tattoo on the woman’s shoulder unless that is what you are referring to.

  2. I believe that this story was written for both adults and children. The rhymes, jokes, and other playful parts of the book are simply for the children to enjoy the story. But what the child does not see is all the symbolism to death, drugs and violence placed throughout the book. There is no way that a child would be able to interpret all of these references thus supporting my theory that this story is partially written for adults. This story was told to a little girl named Alice. The story’s primary objective was to please this little child not to be told to people of other ages. If it was possible I would like to see if Charles altered the story that he told Alice after she asked Charles to write the story down. Overall I believe the content of the book is designed both for adults and children. As a author Charles has to think of a way to please all of his audience. He masters the effect of producing a story that suites people of all ages.

    As for other stories that are based off of this novel there are countless numbers. Just about a week ago a famous TV show named Smallville had an episode that was very much like this story. There is a specific part in the episode where, like in the Matrix, Oliver Queen, a rich businessman who doesn’t see the point in living, agrees to take a pill from a mysterious lady he meets at a casino and is forced into a dangerous game. To find out more about this episode you can find it on

  3. There are 3 blog posts I am currently aware of that adress the matrix directly.

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